Live blogging at #EBBC12 (part 2)

6. Great Heck - Stormin Normin'

I don't like it. It's big and boozy but totally unrefined. I don't mean that in a poncy way. But for me, there just isn't a great amount of flavour.

Hmmm.... I'm not sure, not for me this one.

7. Slater's - Top Totty

Very pale. A good fridge beer.

Tasty, basic, drinkable. In a good way. I like it. But change that fucking label.

8. Camden - US Hells

Wow that's a cool bottle! Genuinely, that looks so good. But on to the beer....

It's so bloody drinkable. Tasty but not overly bitter. Tandleman thinks it's a touch thin but I disagree, for me it's just really drinkable. The body weight is perfect.

I like it.

9. Adnams - Ghost Ship

Spicy English IPA character on the nose, but lighter. The citra comes through in the flavour more than the aroma.

It's got a nice layered flavour of bitterness with just a touch of grain and sweetness in the background. A good beer but I could do with a pint not a sip.

10. Innis & Gunn - Scottish pale ale

My mother always said if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.


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