Live beer blogging at EBBC12... Here we go!

Live blogging at EBBC12. 10 beers, 50 minutes, 100 bloggers. Each brewery has a few minutes with us while we try their beer. As best as I can I'll be blogging what we drink and what we think to it. LIVE(ish)

1. Leeds Brewery - Hellfire Pale Ale

Clean, dry, lightly bittersweet, a long bitterness in the aftertaste. We think it would go great with food this one.

2. Otley - Oxymoron Black IPA

Aroma of coffee and cocoa. The flavour is fresh, drinkable and citrus hoppy with an aftertaste of dark chocolate.

3. Brains - Dark Mild

Reminds me of a very light Guinness FES, which is a compliment.

Chocolate, fruit and sweetness in the aroma.

Flavour is much of the same. Very solid, very good.

4. Marble - Earl Grey IPA

The aroma is crazy. Lemon, floral tea, grass, a slight dusty saison citrus note in the background.

The flavour is delicious. Dry, floral, bitter, citrus, tannin.

5. Roosters - Baby faced assassin

Citra comes through straight away but they've pulled a depth of aroma out of it which I've not really seen before. It doesn't smell or taste like a single hopped beer. Citra can be a little one note but this has a depth of flavour which you wouldn't expect from a single hopped citra beer.

My favourite beer so far.

5 more to come!


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