Live blogging and the European Beer Bloggers Conference

This Friday is the Official start of the European Beer Bloggers Conference 2012, and myself, along with a hundred other bloggers from around the UK and across Europe will be typing, talking, texting, tweeting and tasting our way through three days of beer tasting and talks.

There are some exciting things happening over the weekend, including a frankly amazing sounding beer dinner at Anthony's hosted by Pilsner Urquell, and I'll be live blogging as much as possible of it. So expect spelling errors, along with short sharp posts and no apparent cohesive thought process. Sounds fun right?

Friday is the first day of talks, but for many bloggers, yours truly included, it starts Thursday evening with a pub crawl organised by Leigh of The Good Stuff.

Follow the action on twitter via the hashtag #EBBC

Hold on tight Leeds!

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