Day 2 at #EBBC12 - Avery, Dredge and Cole play host

I think the excellent turn out of groggy bloggers at 10am this morning has to be testament to the high regard Zak Avery, Mark Dredge and Marverine Cole are held in. These guys have been there and done it, properly know their stuff, and are interesting and engaging to listen to. A perfect way to kick off the day.

So far it's been a very interesting talk on taking blogging to the next level, which is exactly what I'm trying to do, all being well....

An awesome night of international beer last night too. Some really interesting beers including a zero IBU IPA (no BITTERING hops but shed loads off hops after flame out and as dry hops) and some delicious beers from Birra Del Borgo, as you'd expect.

The Dutch beers were excellent as well. Probably some of the first I've tried and really unusual yet drinkable, exactly what I look for in a beer. The Rye Pale Ale was my favourite - a lightly spicy, balanced beer with a lovely fresh hop character and a bittersweet finish. My beer of the night and a great recommendation from the Swedish guys on the stand.

The Rye Pale is in the background of the picture below actually, but for some reason the beer in front caught my eye and I took a picture of that instead. Weird



  1. As Kristy said - that beer you've taken a picture of is totally pump clip parade material.

  2. Isn't it just - I wonder if there would have been as many pics if it was a tattooed bloke with his cock out.....?!