The first night of #EBBC12

So last night was the first night of events for the European Beer Bloggers Conference, and whilst today is the official start I think it's safe to say there'll be enough sore heads to warrant the feeling "it's already begun".

We took a gaggle of bloggers around the pubs in the Holbeck Urban Village area of Leeds (just the Cross Keys, Midnight Bell and The Grove actually, though there are many more nearby). Then a quick taxi up to North Bar to finish the night. It's totally walkable but the Taxi's in Leeds are so cheap there's hardly any point, it cost £3.10 for four of us to go a distance that would have taken 15-20 minutes to walk. I know what I'd prefer to do....

I ended the night with a really great beer (plenty to choose from in North), it's the one in the photo. A Gueuze from Cantillon in a big posh corked bottle. It was very good but I wasn't making notes.


(I'll come clean now, this post is a bit of a test to see if the blogging app on my iPad works, have I got away with it?)



  1. Enjoy it fella. Conference sounds so much more respectable than piss up ;)

  2. The first night in the bar when i am doing this. I never taste bear and whisky in life. But now i decide to taste it at first time because everyone do all assignment help and some of my friends are also invited me to taste it in this night.