Tipsy Parson, a contender for the best Brunch in #NewYork

After feeling like we night never eat again thanks to 5 Napkin Burger, we were surprisingly peckish by the time we dragged ourselves out of bed on our only Sunday morning in NYC.

Tipsy Parson was a tip off from fellow Leeds blogger Nick, aka The Beer Prole, and it turned out to be a cracking little place.

Greeted by friendly staff we grabbed a table in the window and looked over the impressive brunch menu whilst sipping very good coffee and proper, freshly squeezed orange juice.

Colette went for the Lemon Cornmeal Pancakes and I opted for the BBQ pulled pork with fried eggs and Corn Spoonbread. The pancakes were great, but just so damned stodgy. That's not a criticism of Tipsy Parson, we just both find American Pancakes so bulky. I suppose if you are starving they're a good bet, but I'm yet to be totally convinced.

The star dish, despite it being at the back of the photo, was the pulled pork. It was the best pulled pork I've ever eaten, coated in a light, natural tasting BBQ dressing and topped with perfectly fried eggs, plus... the best thing on the plate, spoonbread.

I'd never heard of it too, but it's basically a sweet cornbread-come-souffle that is super light, hugely flavoursome and worked amazingly well with the savoury accompaniments of eggs and pulled pork. We both agreed the combination was a pretty damned near perfect brunch dish.

Tipsy Parson also do a great looking lunch and dinner menu and serve a handful of interesting craft beers. I wish we'd had time to go back.


Tipsy Parson, Chelsea / Meat Packing District, New York


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