Let's start at the end... #NewYork

So it's the last day of my New York trip and I'm soaking up the last few hours of free hotel wifi and cloud spotted sunshine before heading back to Blighty.

It's been a fantastic trip, I'd come back in a heartbeat, particularly to Brooklyn, where we've spent the last two days of our holiday but which I felt instantly at home in. There's just something about the slightly downtrodden look of the place that I can relate to, it's feels lived in, uncontrived and all the more appealing for it. As nice as our hotel in the Meatpacking district was, I always felt a bit of an imposter sipping my sixpoint next to the trust funding yuppies ordering round after round of Mojitos by the pool.

My final port of call was to Brooklyn Brewery this afternoon, and wow what a place it is. Vast in its expanse compared to UK craft breweries, yet located smack bang in the heart off Brooklyn. I'll be writing about it soon, along with a handful of the other places I visited.

Warning, extreme beer porn to follow....


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  1. I visited NYC for the first time this year and fell in love with Williamsburg, Brooklyn Brewery was the highlight of my entire trip... Did you try the blast double IPA?