How many years until we never have to drink crap beer?

There are certain situations where I'm forced into drinking beer that I would never normally choose. Football matches, concerts, even weddings - situations where it's either crap beer or no beer.

Depending on the time of year and how I'm feeling I might opt for a Guinness, or whatever lager is my pick of the bunch (we all have our slight preferences, but essentially they're one and the same).

But I must admit I'm being put in this situation less and less these days. People expect a range of beers to be available beyond the usual suspects, and finally even the most unlikely pubs, bars and venues seem to be taking notice.

The amount of places with a half decent bottle selection is growing, so a fridge that might have a few bottles of American Craft such as Brooklyn Lager, Sierra Nevada or Goose Island, or British stuff like Worthingtons White Shield, is a pretty regular sight. Combine that with the fact decent real is available in more places than ever and you've got plenty of options open to you.

So as you may have guessed, my question is, how long until we never find ourselves in a position where we're forced to drink crap beer?

My guess is around 6 years.


This post was in part inspired by this article on the excellent American beer blog Beervana.




  1. I don't usually link to my own posts but this sums up my feelings.

  2. The question is how long is it before we start to see things like Sam Adams Lager or even Brooklyn Lager as crap lager...

  3. Ghostie, I suppose that depends on how long it is before we see Imperial Pilsners as the norm...

  4. Yawn.

    How long before pretentious beer geeks do the honourable thing and remove themselves from polite society?

  5. There is an irony in that 'Yawn'.

  6. A great set of comments.

    Cookie, you must have a preference on beer? surely?

    How long until the good lout outweighs the bad lout? ;-)

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