Sliders again! 3 More variations I think you'll enjoy

Sliders, or mini beefburgers, are great as you can play around with the toppings and have a few different flavour combinations in one meal. The last time I wrote about sliders I went for Fresh Coriander and Jalapeño salsa, Mango Chutney and Blue Cheese, and Classic Cheddar. They were all great but the Mango Chutney and Stilton was by far the best.

This time around I went for Cheddar and Chipotle, (Homemade) Sweet Chilli Chutney and Stilton, and Dill Pickle and English Mustard.

The idea for the Cheddar and Chipotle were the Enchiladas I made recently, and it worked really well. The rich melted cheddar being nicely offset by hot, smokey slightly vinegary Chipotle Tabasco. The Sweet Chilli Chutney and Stilton was a variation of my old favourite mentioned above, but not quite as good. The ginger and garlic in the chutney just didn't sit too well with the Stilton I'm afraid. 

The idea for the Dill Pickle and English Mustard came from my favourite sandwich. A hot salt beef bagel with Dill Pickle and almost too much nose tingling English mustard, from the frankly legendary Beigel Bake on Brick Lane, London. If you've never been then go NOW. It's open 24 hours a day so even if you're reading this at 5am, it's open.

This last slider was my favourite of the bunch. So simple and yet super satisfying with vinegary, herby, crunchy pickle, smokey charred meat and tangy, fiery English mustard all bouncing off each other like a three way car park brawl. I loved it.

I went for a Kona Brewing Co Fire Rock 'Hawaiian' Pale Ale with these three sliders, and whilst it was decent it was a little lacking in hops to hold its own against such big flavours. The Caldera IPA I recommended last time is still my pick, particularly as a pairing to the Mango Chutney and Stilton.

The fun thing about sliders is that you can try a mental combination without ruining your whole meal. It isn't the end of the world if one doesn't come out great, and you can always have a few safe options in there just in case. 

Experiment. Have fun with it. What's the worst that can happen?

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