Beer with a porky grin

I've really got into smoked beers over the last year or so - with my favourite probably being Aecht Schlenkerla Eiche, it's an Oakwood smoked variety meaning the smoke is quite light, but at 8% and with a big malty body it's still a beast of a beer. 

The Thornbridge Beadeca's Well Smoked Porter I tried recently in the excellent York Tap is a very different take on a smoked beer though. Lighter in strength and smokiness, but darker in colour, this is much closer to sessionable and the smokiness blends in with the roasted malt flavour rather than sitting proudly on top of the beer with a porky grin.

It's rich, smokey and ashy yet there's enough lightness to the body and bitterness in the finish to make the whole thing go down so damn easily. It's an interesting, tasty beer, and yet it's also something I could drink a lot of, which in my eyes is a big compliment to the skill of the guys at Thornbridge.

Oh, and just because this is meant to be a beer and food blog. It goes REALLY well with Pork scratchings. 

That counts as a beer and food match, right?


  1. definitely! Love smoked beers. Recommend the NogneO one too.

  2. I've also developed a bit of a thing for smoked beer of late. Saw Beadeca's Well in the Sheffield Tap last night but went instead for a bottle of Tempest Unforgiven Ale (oak smoked rye & juniper beer) that was lurking in the fridge instead.

    It also helps with me that I know a pub in Chesterfield that sells De Molen Bloed Zweet & Tranen at £3.80 a bottle. Lovely stuff!

  3. That sounds very tasty indeed. Bet it'd go down well with a decent bacon butty too. Or gammon, egg and chips. Damn, now I'm hungry.