West Yorkshire's Ten Best Beers

I recently did a guest blog for The Culture Vulture website on my pick of West Yorkshire's ten best Beers. It was written to get more people to try the beers, and I've tried to include a variety of beer styles from ten different local breweries. The formatting is a little all over the shop but I'm told this is going to be fixed.

There's already a few comments from people complaining that their favourite beer wasn't in there, which to be honest I expected, but please feel free to add your suggestions or tell me why I'm wrong.

Any addition to the discussion is welcomed but please bear in mind that I've tried to pick beers which are fairly easy to find (i.e. no super limited editions), and have included a few beers which people may have already tried along with some they might not have. In short, Culture Vulture isn't a Beer Geek website, and my article is in part a carrot to lure the beercurious on to good beer.

Go have a

P.s. Isn't that photo nice? I took it on my phone in
The Calls Landing's beer garden. I think Leeds has never looked better than on that sunny day by the river.


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