Hangover Breakfasts: Soft Cure Chorizo and Grana Padano Omelette

I was lured into a fall sense of security by Brooklyn Lager on Saturday night. It's balance and drinkability doing little to quell the onslaught of ABV's that were flooding my system, and which in hindsight did much to contribute to my fragility on Sunday morning.

Feeling a little green in the cheeks I decided a hangover busting mix of salt and protein was just what the doctor ordered, all washed down by a pint pot sized mug of tea of course. My weapon of choice was a favourite of mine - the Chorizo omelette.

To make this you need three medium-large free range eggs (yes it does matter, free range taste better and cost about 20p more for a box of six, don't be tight) one thumb sized piece of soft cooking Chorizo, a dash of milk, salt, pepper and parsley.

I buy nearly all of my cured meat from a butchers in Halifax Market (I live in Leeds, work in Halifax) who have a fantastic range of imported produce at frankly obscenely cheap prices. Seriously, £1.69 per 100g of Parma Ham!? It's also delicious to boot, which helps.

This recipe works best with the short, soft chorizo that is designed to be cooked with rather than the harder, stronger tasting version which is more common. If you look at the photo you can see the soft type is top left in short beads whereas the harder version is at the bottom. The soft version is cheaper but thats because it's not as dry, so you use it in cooking a bit like a normal pork sausage.

To make the omelette
  • Pre-heat the grill to high
  • Slice one thumb sized soft Chorizo sausage into thick slices, then in half again to create half moon shapes, fry on a medium heat in a little olive oil until crisp (use a small to medium sized non-stick frying pan). Drain a little of the excess oil but leave enough to thinly cover the bottom of the pan as this will help the omelette from sticking, plus it's full of flavour.
  • Whisk your room temperature eggs (don't keep your eggs in the fridge!) with a dash of milk, season with pepper only, then pour into the pan.
  • Allow the eggs to set slightly for about 30 seconds then begin to push the edges into the centre until there's no more liquid running into the gaps but the top is still very runny.
  • Grate a small amount of Grana Padano cheese (Parmesan would also work) onto the top while its still wet.
  • Place under the hot grill until the Omelette starts to Souffle up and and the cheese melts. It won't take long so keep an eye on it.
  • Slide it out of the pan and fold on to a warm plate, season to taste (remember that the cheese and Chorizo are both salty) then sprinkle a small bunch of chopped Parsley over the top and serve.

Notes on this recipe:

The Parsley might seem like a poncy addition but trust me it's not, it really adds freshness to the dish and compliments the spice of the chorizo perfectly - in a dish with so few ingredients it's a vital component. Also, as you may have noticed this is a simplified version of a Souffle Omelette, in that the omelette is finished under the grill and allowed to fluff up. The traditional way to cook a normal three egg omelette is with the centre still slightly runny but this is designed as a hangover dish, and lets be honest, who can face runny uncooked egg on a hangover? Grana Padano and Parmesan are both mature hard cheeses so you don't need much to get good flavour, and they are used more as seasoning than an ingredient in this dish - i.e. don't overdo it with the cheese!

I'm hoping to run 'Hangover Breakfasts' as a sort of mini-series of blog posts, so keep your eyes peeled for future installments if you like the look of this, and as ever please comment if you give the recipe a go and let me know what you thought!


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