Making beer the focus

When I first started really getting into beer, or more specifically, when I first started buying interesting bottles of beer from Beer Ritz to drink at home, I definitely found myself drinking more. Like Augustus Gloop in Wonka's candy wonderland it's easy to get carried away, I mean there's so much good stuff to try isn't there?

It's a feeling I still get now and then, particularly in certain bars (I'm looking at you The Grove) where the scramble to try everything good outweighs the time I have to spend or the amount of beers I should really drink. But as time moves on I find myself in that situation less and less, and particularly with the beer I drink at home, I'm getting more choosey.

Drinking one really good beer interests me a hell of a lot more than drinking four cans of low flavour* beer that you can knock back without actively paying attention. Sure the beer I'm drinking might be 7, 8, even 9%, but I'm only having the one, and that means less units and, seen as it's January, less calories than drinking a couple of big cans of boring beer. Plus, with the beer I buy being a touch pricey I don't really liking plowing through a load of bottles in one sitting.

I'm not saying that getting really into good beer will necessarily make you drink less, but I really do believe that when flavour comes first and you make beer the focus, it can help with moderation.

And if you're still unconvinced, ask yourself this: Who's more to blame for the rise in obesity, Michelin star restaurants, or fast food?


*Lets get away from saying 'crap beer' shall we? From a technical point of view it may be faultless. It's a matter of flavour.



  1. A nice thought, mate - I like where you are coming from. Slowing down and taking a look at the scenery is a great way to drink.

  2. I seem to have gone the same way lately. I will happily nurse a strong stout over an evening and leave it there. Otherwise, I end up constantly upping my game with each beer with disastrous consequences.

  3. I'm with you on this Chris, I've sat and mooned over my beer rarities too long and too often. These days I like to drink and savour them, my taste buds thank me for it by accepting new challenges like the Cantillon pictured, I used to loathe but now I love.

  4. I love my session beers still when in the pub but when at home I rarely drink many, just better!

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