Looking ahead to 2013

Maybe we're a little bit too far into January for a 'looking to the year ahead' type post, but indulge me, as it brings me nicely to my first point.

  1. Blog more. I want to blog more often and on a wider variety of subjects than I did during 2012. I regularly eat out and don't write a review or cook something delicious at home and keep it to myself. Why?
  2. Get more writing commissioned. Getting paid to write about beer feels a little bit like getting paid to play football. I want to do it more often.
  3. Work in the beer industry. This is a long term goal that I feel is ready to come to fruition. I've got the experience, I know the industry, I love beer, hell I love food and drink in general. So why shouldn't 2013 (sooner rather than later I might add) be the year that I move things forward.
  4. Learn more about the brewing process. Yes I know the basics, but could I write a proper recipe with amounts and boil times? Probably not. 2013 needs to involve more brew geek reading And hands on experience than the last year did.
  5. Expand my knowledge of other drinks. I'm just starting to dip my toe into the smokey waters of single malt whisky and loving every minute of it. Current favourite is a far too drinkable bottle of Highland Park 12 year old. This next year needs to contain more drinking of drinks of all varieties. Pity my liver.


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