Which 'classic' beer has so far passed you by?

I wrote on twitter a week or so ago that I'd never got around to trying Orval and the response was a chorus of WHAT!?

I've heard pretty much universal praise for this Belgian brew amongst beery buddies (try saying that three times fast) and know more than one who will take any opportunity to wax lyrical about this supposed ambrosia. But I've just never got around to trying it.

As such, when I ended up in North bar recently I was held down and force fed* some Orval by manager Matt, who was not best pleased I'd graced his establishment so many times and never drank his favourite beer.

"I like it, it's nice."

That response didn't go down too well, I was looked at like I'd just called his baby ugly. But the fact is that after already having quite a few beers earlier that night it was all my analytically fatigued palate and brain could muster. It tasted good to me, but not startling, and I'd hammered my tongue with too many hops to give it a fair run.

I've got a bottle in the fridge which will get my full attention some time soon though, I promise. To be honest I'm intrigued to discover what all the fuss is about.

Orval was the beer I was ashamed to say I'd never tried, what is, or was yours?



*Or maybe it was more of a strong suggestion...



  1. I was a bit nonplussed when I tried it and second and third time I found it refreshing enough but give me a saison any day.