Modus Hopperandi by Ska Brewing (Super Fresh) American IPA

I got a tip off from Dean from Mr Foleys about how good this beer was and I knew I had to try it. It was just a few days before I went on holiday, and I had a million other things to do, but it was worth the trip.

What a beer.

Here's how Modus Hopperandi from Ska Brewing tasted...

Piney, earthy, citrus hops on the nose. Very dry smelling with a touch of white pepper.

In the taste it's got a massive upfront hop bitterness, as big as any US IPA I've tried. There's a bit of orange pith, intense grapefruit, and underlying malt sweetness, resinous pine and wet, almost skunky grassy notes. Alongside a massive bitter finish with a smidge of American hard candy sweetness before the hops just completely knock you for six.

Punishing, intense, awesome.

This batch was Kegged 4th Jan, and served feb 24th. It's the freshest tasting American IPA I've tried in this country, and easily one of the best.

This beer is awesome, but the freshness made it even better. It's the antithesis to the somewhat lacking Racer 5 I tried recently. In other words, freshness matters.

North Bar and The Euston Tap (and probably a few other places too) have some of this beer I think. Go get some!

p.s I've been a bit lax blogwise of late due to the fact I went on holiday. Normal service shall be resumed presently....

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  1. we were to have it on BSF in cask this year, but I think the beer never went on sale