Merry Drunkmess!

I buy a fair few beers from Beer Ritz in Leeds, and on a recent trip spent about half an hour chatting to the ever knowledgable Ghostie about the beers they had in. I was on the look out for winter warmers to sustain me through the Christmas period (or at least the next few weeks), beers that would sit happily at the back of the cupboard and be used to warm you up on an evening.

This beer definitely fits that bill, and at 11.2% is pretty full on in terms of alcohol, although to be fair, they do warn you. It's called Insanely Bad Elf Imperial Red Ale.

This beer smells of boiling candy sugar and booze, with just a hint of orangey lemon hops.

The taste is initially very sweet but then becomes hot with alcohol and bitter with stewed orange hops. It's properly full on, hot (in a boozy way), very sweet and yet very satisfying. I know it gets said a lot, but this is properly a winter warmer.

It's like a big hot boozy punch in the face from Santa.

Merry drunkmess!

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