Camden Brewery Beers: Lager and Wheat

The train back home from the most recent Twissup in Newcastle was a sight to behold. Too many bloggers for a confined space, drinking big bottles of expensive beer (there was even some Racer 5 knocking around) and talking about whether Whisky ageing is overrated. I don’t think the rest of train knew what the hell was going on.

In the midst of the madness
Dredge was giving out some samples from Camden Brewery (who he’s started working with for the day job). He said something along the lines of, “I like your blog, have these!”, a compliment and beer? What a charmer.

I decided to drink the first of the beers alongside a homemade Thai Red Curry the other night and it turned out to be a great match.

Camden Lager

A background sweetness, slightly malty, with a herbal hop bite and that slightly minerally, almost metallic background flavour you get with some lagers and pilsners.

It certainly acts as a quencher with the thai red curry but doesn't turn to water in the face of big flavour like a lesser lager might. It holds it's own. Which is in itself is an achievement.

It’s drinkable, quenching and refreshing like lager should be, but with enough flavour to keep things interested, a very nice beer all in all.

Camden Wheat Beer

The Wheat I drank on it's own. The aroma is light, just a bit yeasty and dry, in a slightly ashy way almost. There's also a very faint aroma of sweet butter there too.

The flavour delivers on the aroma but there's also loads and loads of mushy banana. It's not as orangey as some wheat beers but there is a tinge of citrus in the aftertaste. Another really tasty beer, with much more banana flavour than a lot of other Wheat beers I've tried.

Read more about Camden Brewery here:


  1. interesting that you didn't pick up on the clove in the wheat beer, I thought it was pretty strong...can you usually taste cloves in weisses?

  2. Great beers both - but I'm surprised a grammar-fiend such as yourself has let 'Site to behold' slip in there !! Seriously though, Camden's pales, lagers and wheats are great - and perfect for Keg.

  3. I don't drink them very often but sometimes just really fancy a lager. The Camden I had on the train back the other day was spot on, good call. Crisp and thirst quenching, but not bland. Could have necked a few had I not been driving.

  4. They're great beers. The thing is about a great drinkable beer is that they dont demand attention. Punk Ipa is the same. It's just there to be drunk and enjoyed. Thats what these Camden beers do so well.

    p.s. Visited 'that thai' this evening and it rocked!!!!

  5. also steve -I didnt particularly pick up on the clove, perhaps its not a flavour i was looking for, or maybe the thai curry had messed with my taste buds!

    I'll take your word for it and look for it next time!