Guest Beers at Primo's: Pepe Nero from Goose Island

I’ve written about my love for Primo’s Gourmet Hot Dogs before but a recent expansion of their beery horizons has prompted me to post an update.

After a long Twitter exchange over the course of a few weeks Primo’s Gourmet Hot Dogs (situated in Leeds Stunning Corn Exchange) have started working with James Clay, the fantastic beer importers who get some of the best US Craft Beer into the UK year on year. So who better to provide some American Craft Beer to go with Primo’s superior dawgs.

Everything in Primo’s has a clear yet refined nod towards Americana. Yes they sell hot dogs, but they’re high quality and served in artisan bread. Yes you can have a lager with your dog, but it’s gotta be a Brooklyn not Bud. It’s these little things that set Primo’s apart.

I was pleased to see on my most recent visit that Brooklyn Lager was still in the fridge and I’m told it’s there to stay, which is a smart move as it’s an awesome beer that goes really well with loads of different foods, and especially well with cheesy, spicy hotdogs. They’ve also started selling Dixie Beer from New Orleans, which I must admit is a beer i’ve not tried but a quick Google and a look on Rate Beer tells me that it’s a pale American Lager which is actually pretty good, better than big brewery lagers yet still light, simple and refreshing. Another good choice I’d say. Also on sale will be a ‘Guest Beer’ which will be regularly changing on a roughly monthly basis, although this will of course depend on how quickly the beer sells.

The first guest beer is a good sign of things to come. Pepe Nero is a dark Belgian Saison style beer brewed by Goose Island in Chicago. It’s brewed with a Belgian yeast which gives a distinct peppery aftertaste and roasted malt which produces dark chocolate and light coffee flavours alongside a subtle pepperyness throughout. It’s an interesting beer which I found went really well with Primo’s New Jersey Pastrami Bagel with Mustard. Why not give it a try next time you’re in Leeds City Centre? It’s priced at a really reasonable £3.30 a bottle, which for a Limited Edition 6% imported craft beer is better than you'd find it in most bars.

You can follow Primo’s on Twitter at @gourmethotdogs and visit their website for a full menu and details of their various special offers, including a generous 15% discount for students all year round.

P.s. I’ve also seen some Tweets from Zak regarding Primo’s so I’m pretty sure he’s a fan too!


  1. Tried a bottle of Pepe Nero with last night's Boerewors dinner. Wasn't a huge fan of the beer on it's own but it was great with the sausages.

  2. Dave you are absolutely right. It's a beer for with food. Anything peppery and meaty works great with it. The patrami I had went great but I could imagine a peppery lincolnshire sausage going great with it too.

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