Good people drink good beer

There’s a great passage in the book High Fidelity by Nick Hornby (great book, later made into an average film with John Cusack) which talks about how the things we like in many ways define who we are. It’s argued that a person’s taste in movies, music, sports, etc all shape what kind of a person we are, and ultimately matter more than what we are really like as a person. Or, perhaps more accurately, that a person’s tastes directly affect their personality. The saying goes ‘It’s what you like, not what you’re like, that really matters’ and it’s something which instantly struck a chord with me.

Just think about how music can effect a person’s younger years, from little things like a choice of pub or club to much bigger decisions like a choice of partner, your taste in music had the power to affect both.

I thought about this for the first time in a long time this weekend, after reading a quote from another excellent, although very different, writer. The starkly simple quote from Hunter S. Thompson can be seen on the branded glassware of Flying Dog brewery, who’s bottles are adorned with images and a logo designed by the very same artist who did the cover art for “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”. Although if you want a book by Hunter S. to read with a beer I’d recommend The Rum Diaries, it’s a book riddled with sweaty bars and beautiful beaches that inspires a thirst like nothing else I’ve read.

“Good people drink good beer.” Hunter S. Thompson

I think i’ve got to agree. Since starting this blog I’ve been introduced in person to more like-minded people than I ever expected. Like a second batch of University years I’ve been thrown into a living, breathing, squabbling microcosm of beer geeks and bloggers that just happen to be some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met.

As well as the people, the search itself for good beer has led me to some of the best food I’ve ever had, and in many cases it’s happened the other way round - A pilgrimage to Borough Market a few years ago is a perfect example, where a plate of perfect oysters from Wright Brothers was accompanied by my first taste of a Meantime Stout.

Life’s far too short to settle for anything other than brilliant. It’s why good beer does matter, it’s why choosing to eat well matters, and it’s why travelling matters. Who you are is effected by what you like because our experiences are important, they impact massively on how much you enjoy life and in some ways make you who you are.

So don’t settle for anything other than brilliant, because as far as I can see, good people really do drink good beer.


  1. Big fan of H.S.Thompson myself, and your right, the artwork of Ralph Steadman looks pretty good on the Flying Dog gear. I've not drunk any of theirs for a year or so, hard to get down my way.

  2. Their beers are becoming much more readily available in Leeds now, quite a few bars stocking their Pale Ale in bottles. Which is greta as its a lovely beer. Although it's about £4 a bottle which is expensive at 5.5% abv. When a pint of similar strength ale is about £3.30 on average

  3. the gonzo imperial porter is pretty good. recommended!!

  4. Agree. Good People do drink good beer. Life is too short not to. Gonzo Imerial porter is awesome. So good, a certain dog related brewer named his dog after it.

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