If you don't like the heat....

I like spicy food. Hell, I'd probably consider myself something of a chili fiend, but even my limits were pushed by the Rib Man's Christ on a Bike hot sauce chicken and accompanying spicy bloody Mary (complete with yet more super hot wings).

Succulent, beautifully cooked chicken coated in a herby, crusty, well seasoned southern fried coating, before being liberally dunked in some super hot hot sauce is something right up my street. But seriously, even I was taken aback by the power of that sauce.

Moreish and delicious, no doubt, but also sweat inducing and a little bit scary - as much a cathartic experience as a meal. Those last mouthfuls coming as a finish line you scramble towards, gasping, swearing you'll never put yourself through this again.

But as a chili-head I'm a glutton for punishment - I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.


This semi sadomasochistic experience took place at Joe's Southern Kitchen in Covent Garden, and whilst the Rib Man chicken was a short term special, everything else we ate was really good too, so give Joe's a go at your leisure.






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