Art! Music! Beer! At Dock Street Market tonight

A friend of mine is hosting an art exhibition (but not in the traditional stuffy sense) at Dock Street Market on Dock St in Leeds at 7pm tonight, it looks to be a great event and it won't cost you a penny to get in.

Dock St has great beer too (usual suspects include BrewDog and Anchor beers on tap plus a very well stocked fridge), so looks like a fun event, with lots of up and coming artists' work for sale.

My mate's work is a mix of pop, street and comic art (he designed the poster above too) but has a very British feel to it with newspaper cuttings and typography being a recurring theme too. Most importantly they look cool. Go buy some before they cost double.

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  1. Nice to meet you this evening Neil- you have a great blog. I think my husband might be tempted to blog if he thinks you can blog about beer!!

  2. Yes Dock st. does have some great beer and i remember having a great time there....