Golden Pints 2011

Just a very quick one today. Golden Pints. You know the drill. Here's my pick of the best of the year.

  1. Best UK Draught (Cask or Keg) Beer = Summer Wine Brewery 7Cs (Keg)
  2. Best UK Bottled or Canned Beer = Fullers Vintage Ale (Bottle)
  3. Best Overseas Draught Beer = Pretty Things Jack D'Or (Keg)
  4. Best Overseas Bottled or Canned Beer = Crooked Line Detour IPA
  5. Best Overall Beer = Birra Del Borgo My Antonia
  6. Best Pumpclip or Label = BrewDog Sunk Punk
  7. Best UK Brewery = The Kernel
  8. Best Overseas Brewery = Stone Brewing
  9. Pub/Bar of the Year = Mr Foleys (Dean has dragged it kicking and screaming into its position as a great craft beer bar)
  10. Beer Festival of the Year = #IPADay (It's my list!)
  11. Supermarket of the Year = Morrisons
  12. Independent Retailer of the Year = Beer Ritz
  13. Online Retailer of the Year = MyBreweryTap
  14. Best Beer Book or Magazine = BEER Magazine
  15. Best Beer Blog or Website = Mark Dredge
  16. Best Beer Twitterer = @MelissaCole
  17. Best Online Brewery presence = BrewDog
  18. Food and Beer Pairing of the Year = Mango and Stilton Burger with Caldera IPA
  19. In 2012 I’d Most Like To = Write more whimsically, more frequently, and well, better.
  20. Best Brewery that goes to show you can be big but don't have to be bad, you can be good, of the Year = Fullers


  1. good list, surprised no Magic Rock though?

  2. I am going to have to look for Crooked Line Detour IPA, hopefully one of the local stores around me carries it.

  3. Arn - I feel a bit bad about Magic Rock not being in there somewhere because I love there beer. They were a very close second for about 4 of the above but I had to be honest, and I think having runners up is a cop out.

    eric - the crooked line IPA is bloody awesome!

  4. Wow... This sounds amazing. I wish you'd come back and give us all sorts of new ideas!

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