Summer Wine Brewery in a bottle

Summer Wine Brewery are one of my favourite breweries in the UK, and thanks to Mr Foleys in Leeds are a brewery I've drank a hell of a lot of beer from.

My first taste of a Black IPA was Nerotype #1 brewed by SWB, which was followed by three other single hop Black IPA's, all of which were good and two of which I thought were stunning. One of my top beers of the year so far from anywhere in the World is 7C's - a big, tropical, pithy IPA thats perfect on Cask and Keg and far too drinkable for it's strength. Diablo is a stone cold classic of a beer that I drink whenever I see it.

In other words, SWB are a brewery I come back to again, and again, and again. They're brave, innovative and exciting but up until recently only brewed Cask beer, and outside of Yorkshire were much harder to get a hold of. That's all changed with the introduction of their bottled range.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on one each of their newly bottled beers, and decided to crack two of them almost straight away. I started with the two IPA's because, as I've said before, you gota' drink them hops fresh people!

Diablo IPA

This knocked me for six. I thought I knew what this was going to taste like from the many, many times I've had it on cask. In the bottle the bitterness is huge - it reminded me a little bit of old Punk, but with a deeper flavour and thicker body.

It's got that big grapefruit juice flavour of the cask version and there's a fair bit of tropical fruitiness in the flavour but it's all bowled over by this huge punishing bitterness. Don't get me wrong though, I love it. In fact it was a little too good to over analyse and as such the bottle was seen off pretty sharpish. Really, really good.

Kahuna NZ IPA

This has a nice sweet aroma of tangerine and lemon, with just a hint of mango. The taste is quenching and juicy with a hint of the grapefruit of the Diablo but also some bitter orange, tropical fruit juice, and a slightly herbal edge like under ripe woody mango.

Much more forgiving than the Diablo with a bit of sweetness and a dry but not hugely bitter finish. Lovely stuff.

So that's a very, very promising start sampling this fantastic breweries bottled wares. Two down, two to go.....

Keep an eye out for Rouge-Hop, a hoppy red ale, and Barista, an espresso stout, in a review coming soon.

You can buy Summer Wine Brewery beers at their online shop.


  1. I've only tried Diablo to date (last night in fact) and loved it. Just what I look for in an IPA. The other great thing about this beer for me, is that (like other similar beers) you don't feel the need to drink loads of it, or move onto another beer. Satisfying stuff.

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