The best beer in Austria... maybe

I am taking a much needed week's break, starting tomorrow, both from blogging and 'proper' daytime, actually-get-paid-for-it, bonafiedy 'work'.

I'll be in Austria all of next week so don't expect any blog posts Dear readers.

I will however regale you with tales of the various delicious artisan Weissbeers and Pilsners I tried whilst taking in the vista of a snow covered peak upon my return...

Or, more likely, tell you about all the half decent mass produced
local lager that I've been gulping down in between days on the mountain.

Either way, I'll be back with some beer based tales in just a weeks time, so wish me luck.
P.S. If you can reccomend any good beers or bars in the Soll area of Austria then send me a Tweet @EisntCNeil

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