Punk IPA with peppered steak and spicy wedges - a fitting fair-well?

Lots of beer fans have been talking about the fact Brewdog have decided to make the once experimental "Punk X" the new recipe Punk IPA.

If you've not seen the news then it boils down to this; Brewdog ran a number of test brews of a new recipe Punk IPA and called them Punk X, these were tasted and voted on by fans of Brewdog in their own bars and a few select outlets. They were also briefly available bottled through the Brewdog shop. Well when the votes were counted it seemed that the Punk X was the clear winner, and will now replace the old recipe Punk IPA as the new Punk IPA.

Confused? Don't be, basically they believe the new recipe is a big improvement and a much more 'rounded' beer all in all. Mark Dredge reckons the new Punk's better, and many other trusted names say the same. I just hope that the new Punk has the qualities that I love so much about the old, namely:
Smell: Slightly soapy, medicinal hops that become more spicy and piney as it comes up to cellar temp.
Taste/feel: Faint fruit/juicy malt bowled over by a mass of herbal, spicy hops and a huge lingering bitterness and mouth drying quality like fresh grapefruit juice.

Supporters are saying the new dog on the block isn't just a beer with that famous aggressive hop flavour and bitterness, but hop, malt, fruit, sweetness and bitterness all rolled in to a complex yet much more approachable IPA. At least thats the theory. I haven't tasted the new Punk, and as a big fan of the old Punk i'm reserving my judgement until I get a pint in Mr Foley's of the new 5.6% kegged brew.

So what better way to say goodbye to the current incarnation of Punk, than enjoying it with a charred and heavily peppered rump steak, homemade potato wedges with jerk seasoning and obligatory peas? Providing it's served with plenty of Dijon and no silly sauces, it's the perfect quick and simple dinner - the kind of thing I have when the other half has 'a work night out' and I can cook exactly what I fancy.

Personally, I think this 'old' Punk IPA (6%) has easily enough floral hops and spice to stand up to the pepper steak and jerk wedges, but it's also cleansing, bitter, and juicy all at once, and manages to hold it's own flavour whilst working to enhance the stronger flavours in the meal which are typically hard to couple with beer, such as the Dijon.

Plus, whereas a more traditional pairing to this meal such as a spicy Shiraz would be relatively heavy, the carbonation and light mouthfeel of the IPA helps the meal be carried along much better. An argument for beer with dinner i'm sure you'll agree, and a fitting tribute to our fallen comrade.


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